Applying for Abilities

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Applying for Abilities

Post by Admin on Mon May 25, 2015 3:36 pm

Superhuman Revival is a sandbox roleplay forum, but we do have some restrictions on what your characters can do. Over time, you will get stronger.

Abilities are broken into 4 tiers, with each tier requiring a different amount of capacity:

  • Minor - 1 - Passive or active abilities (pets and summons not allowed) which could be achieved by a highly trained or talented human. Simple equipment like utilities also go here. Ownership of basic vehicles goes here. Though no downsides are required here, limits are required.
  • Major - 4 - Passive or active abilities (pets and summons allowed) which normal humans could not achieve. Exceptional talents also fall into this category. Moderate downsides are required, such as time spent focusing on the attack which would leave you vulnerable, or heavy usability limits such as range or time. Any weaponized equipment, shielding, or armor go in this tier or above.
  • Ultimate - 12 - Extraordinary 'Limit-Break' type abilities with epic consequences. This category is for things like releasing a giant shockwave, or teleporting a large object. These would cause effects such as debilitating physical strain, blacking out, or some self inflicted injury. Extraordinary custom vehicles go here or above.
  • Desperation - 1 - This ability comes with a heavy downside such as loss of control, significant injury, or temporary loss of powers. Desperation abilities are reserved for when your character has no other choice. These powers aren't ideal and are never used willingly until a dire situation which puts the character in a truly desperate situation where his or her alignment requires it. For example, a Rogue might only use it to save own life, while a Hero might turn to it to save the lives of civilians who would otherwise surely die. Desperation abilities should have the most severe, permanent consequences, but are also the strongest and untrumpable. The number of Desperation abilities a hero can have is limited--determined by their level. Since the hero will never use it willingly, and the number of them one can have is limited, Desperation abilities cost only one capacity.

In Addition, an ability may be marked as Signature. This lowers the disadvantage of the ability by one tier. Desperation powers cannot become signature, as they are never willingly used. If you wish to make an exception to this rule (perhaps it fits your character's backstory) message a moderator and discuss it.

The capacity you have is equal to your level plus 10. A single signature is available from the very beginning, with an additional one every 10 levels. A single Desperation ability is available from the beginning, with additional Desperation abilities awarded every 20 levels. Levels are rewarded by the GM for participating in main story events. They can also be bought using experience points (XP).

To apply for an ability, make a post in Ability Applications. Only make one post. In the future when you gain more abilities, place the applications for the new abilities in replies to the original thread. A Mod or Admin needs to approve your abilities before they can be used. They may tell you that the ability is too strong, the downside is too weak, there sin't enough detail, and so on. Once you are both satisfied, copy the approved abilities to a thread in Ability Data. Only make one post there; edit the old post when you add new abilities or change old ones.

Ability Formatting:

[b]Ability name:[/b] Give the ability a name so it can be referenced during roleplay.
[b]Type:[/b] Show which tier the ability is. If the ability is a signature, put (Signature) before the type.
[b]Function:[/b] Tell, in detail, what the ability does, both its capabilities and its limits. Put some description here too.
[b]Downside:[/b] Tell the negative effects of your character's usage of the ability.


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