Steel Shadow's Abilities

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Steel Shadow's Abilities

Post by Steel Shadow on Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:12 pm

Ability name: Enhanced Reflexes
Type: Minor
Function: Theo's years of mental training have enhanced his already strong natural reflexes. This allows him to most thrown objects and a large number of melee attacks. Theo can even dodge some bullets.
Downside: Automatic fire can only be dodged for a short amount of time, essentially just a leap out of the initial salvo as he isn't fast enough to weave between multiple bullets. Very large objects (like a bus) can't be dodged.

Ability name: Stealth
Type: Minor
Function: Steel Shadow can blend in with the shadows, slowing his heart rate and breathing until he becomes virtually undetectable to all but the very skilled.
Downside: Can not be used in light.

Ability name: Telekinetic Gunmanship
Type: Major
Function: Use of telekinetic ability and knowledge of guns to enhance any guns steel shadow uses. This ability boosts reload speed by a third. He can also focus on individual shots to guide the bullets, which doubles effective range and makes the shots extremely accurate.
Downside: Only has effect on firearms Theo can hold in his hands, any turrets or similar cannot be enhanced. Also, any future or alien technology can not be boosted, as he does not know the inner workings of such guns. With any such weaponry, Theo is less capable, as he is used to relying on his abilities.

Ability name: Twin Custom Berreta 92s.
Type: (Signature) Major
Function: Theo carries two identical handguns. 15 rounds in each. The have an effective range of 50m. They have been modified to optimally synergize with Theo's telekinetic abilities.
Downside: The custom modifications make the guns difficult to use when Theo loses focus, causing Telekinetic Gunmanship to have the reverse effect.

Ability name: Telepathic Surge
Type: Desperation
Function: Theo forms a telepathic link with everyone within 20m. He then forces them to freeze using the force of his mind. The effect can last almost 10 minutes, with time varying per person. Those with the strongest minds are effected the least, though only on the order of 30 seconds.
Downside: The thing Theo hates above all else is those who try to control others. Beyond that, this ability puts an insane strain on Theo's mind, causing him to lose focus for the duration of the effect (thus disabling his other telekinetic abilities) and causing him to lose pieces of memories in the few minutes before the effect activated.

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