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General Guidelines

Post by Admin on Mon May 25, 2015 1:35 pm

NOTE: Most of these are copied or modified from the original Superhuman RP.

It may be a free world, but this is our site and we have a right to demand a certain standard of conduct from you. If you don't like it, you can leave. If you choose to stay, you must follow all of the following rules.

Multiple Character Rule - You may have multiple characters, but you must make an separate account for each one. You may have at most 3 characters: One Hero, one Villain, and one sidekick. Your user name must be the same as your character's alias, or very similar. If your character was named the Green Streak, your username must be either The Green Streak, Green Streak, Greenstreak, or another variation. If you make another character, make another account for when you post with him or her.

Post Length Rule - A roleplay (RP) post should contain at least one paragraph of text. Generally, more is better.

Double Post Rule - Avoid double-posting or 'bumping.' Use the edit button to add to your previous post instead.

Conduct rule - Please refrain from out-of-character discrimination and harassment. Be nice to each other. Treat other players with respect; even if Bob's character is your character's arch nemesis, that's no excuse to be rude to Bob.

Irresponsible RP Rule - Be mature with your RPing. No character is all-powerful or all-knowing. You must allow your character to get hurt and lose fights sometimes. Your character can not get information simply because another character got that information; you need to find the information yourself or be given it. You can not directly influence another character's actions. It is fine to have mind control type abilities, but they may not be used on other players. Superhuman Revival is a sandbox RPG but if your actions repeatedly lead to frustration for your RP partners you are probably doing something wrong.

Continuity Rule - Trying to keep track of a timeline over many threads is a lot of unnecessary hassle. Your character may be in a handful of threads at one time (real world, not in-game), but only if this doesn't cause any major timeline conflicts. Your hero can't be stopping a bank heist at the same time he's closing a rift to another dimension halfway across the city.

Posting Order Rule - If three or more people are in a thread, respect original posting order. If Player A posts, and then player B, and then player C, player B can not post in the thread again until A posts.

Ability Use Rule - You may not assume your character has any skill or ability which an average human would not have. Even things like intense training, reflexes, or above-average vision must be approved as a minor skill. Any powers which you use must first be approved in the Intel section.

Nemesis/Sidekick Rule -Two characters may enter a Mentor/Sidekick relationship only if both parties agree to it. Sidekicks are assumed to travel alongside their mentors unless otherwise specified. Similarly, Characters can only become nemeses/arch-nemeses if both agree to it. Your character may dislike another, but they can only be considered nemeses if both agree to it.


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